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Why is the Lawson Camping Hammock the best?
It combines the best of both worlds - tents and hammocks. No tent is as low-impact, lightweight, and flexible. And no hammock provides the protection from weather and flying insects that a BRCH does. Since you can also use the BRCH on the ground as a bivy tent when you can't or don't want to hang it, it provides the most flexibility in any kind of portable structure.

How do the spreader bars and arch poles work?
Spreader bars and arch poles are the core of our patented system, based on years of field research. The spreader bars add strength and durability, and open up the hammock, making it nice and roomy inside. Because of them the occupant can stretch out and roll over, so the BRCH is more comfortable than other 'parachute' style hammocks that confine you in a cocoon. Nylon inserts keep the ropes from fraying. The arch poles keep the canopy off your face, and keep the rainfly from touching the netting thus preventing condensation.

How many ropes, straps, and poles does it take to hang your BRCH?
You only need two ropes or a pair of Tree Huggers. You only have to find two trees, poles, or sturdy uprights for hanging. (The rainfly completely attaches to the hammock and can be taken off or left on.) If you can't find two trees, just use it on the ground as a tent: stake each end, and no additional poles, ropes, or straps are required

Where can I find instructions for the BRCH?
You can download them right here!

How weatherproof is the BRCH?
The BRCH is 100% insect and water resistant, from its no-see-um mesh netting to a full-size, detachable rainfly. The rainfly is seam sealed, and the whole hammock is urethane coated. Customers have used our hammocks all over the world with great success - from researchers spending months in the South American rainforests to a lone canoeist spending a week in the Boundary Waters area.

Is the BRCH environmentally friendly?
If used according to the instructions and set up as a hammock, the BRCH is extremely friendly to the environment. It will not harm trees or other sturdy objects used to secure the hammock, and it almost completely eliminates disturbance and destruction of underbrush. We also strongly support and are members of environmental organizations such as Leave No Trace, Sierra Club, and Outdoor Industry.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes, we love the BRCH so much that we are sure you will too, so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

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